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Cardiff named in the top 3 worst spots for roadworks in the UK

Spending 10, to 20 minutes, sometimes longer, stuck in traffic, delaying your journey to your destination significantly. There’s nothing worse.

Data collated by motoring experts at LeaseCar.uk following responses to a Freedom of Information request by local authorities shows Cardiff is in the top three worst places in the UK for roadworks. 

The data shows 43,252 road and street works were carried out in the Welsh Capital between April 2021- March 2022. 

This is the third most in the UK behind only Essex County Council (77,423) and Staffordshire County Council (52,871). 

Many of the roadworks being carried out across the top three roadwork hotspots were undertaken by utility companies providing essential services.

In Cardiff, Welsh Water accounted for over 17,000 of its jobs.

More than 12 billion pounds were spent on roads in the United Kingdom in 2021 and 2022.

LeaseCar.uk experts have urged drivers in these roadwork-dense areas to allow extra time for their commute as they face potentially long delays.

Tim Alcock, from LeaseCar.uk, said: “Roadworks can be incredibly frustrating for drivers, especially when they are in a rush or on the way to work, as they often cause huge delays.

“Motorists should factor in extra time to their journeys if they are travelling through locations that are known to have a lot of roadworks, especially in places like Essex, Staffordshire, and Cardiff.

“If possible, we recommend drivers try to plan ahead and avoid them, which is easy to do with a sat nav with traffic alerts.

“If this isn’t possible, make sure to be extra cautious when travelling through them as slow-moving vehicles, traffic and speed cameras are common.

South Wales Argus: Roadworks can cause huge delays.Roadworks can cause huge delays. (Image: PA)

“Try to remember that as much as they can be a nuisance, roadworks are ultimately carried out to improve our lives.

“Maintenance is crucial to improving current infrastructure and providing access to employment, education, health, and social opportunities.”

Top 10 worst places for roadworks in the UK

LeaseCar.uk outlines the most road and street works carried out by local authorities in UK from April 2021 to March 2022:

1.   Essex County Council – 77,423

2.   Staffordshire County Council – 52,871

3.   Cardiff Council – 43,252

4.   West Northamptonshire Council – 34,557

5.   East Riding of Yorkshire Council – 32,420

6.   Worcestershire County Council – 31,105

7.   Bradford City Council – 27,301

8.   Ealing Borough Council – 25,593

9.   Hampshire County Council – 25,581

10.  Leeds City Council – 24,851

Not all local authorities provided figures.