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Business Champion Awards triumph for coach Polston

One of the UK’s leading business strategists and performance coaches, Will Polston, has been named as the Business Enabler of the year at the annual Business Champion Awards.

The Essex-based Polston was among over 300 guests at the East Wintergarden in Canary Wharf, with finalists represented in 14 categories with 140 finalists vying for top spot.

Polston is renowned for his transformative approach to helping clients to break through their barriers and achieve more than they ever felt possible.

Will originally achieved “traditional success” with an international career as a broker but despite this he found himself feeling unfulfilled. It was only following a personal development seminar, that he finally gained the clarity that deep down, his belief that “money equals happiness” was not true and what he really wanted to do was empower others to achieve their dreams as he believes this has a positive impact on others too –  something he calls the ripple effect.

Speaking about the award win and his approach to coaching and development, Polston said; ‘I am absolutely humbled to have won this award. I was up against a phenomenal group of people and we all have different approaches but one common mission – enabling businesses, entrepreneurs and people in any walk of life to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

‘The more people we can help, the more businesses we can impact, the better it is for everyone. The process to get to the final was incredibly rigorous with huge attention to detail from all of the judges. It was actually a hugely valuable process in itself and one that I’m sure everyone who made the finals and who won in their category will reflect on with huge positivity.

Will has dedicated his life to studying the art and science of behavioural change and performance coaching. Using a powerful combination of techniques across multiple disciplines, Will Polston helps give people a unique insight into their behaviour, providing proven strategies that transform their lives.

Discussing Will’s win, category judge, Richard H Harris from Corum Group Ltd said; ‘Coaching and supporting businesses in a meaningful way has a massive impact, so it wasn’t just the direct impact that Will was having, it was about all of the businesses that were then helped by those leaders having his coaching. His enthusiasm, his dedication and really, the depth of the programme he has in coaching really shone through well.’

Along with his latest accolade, the prolific Polston is a Certified Master Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Member of the International Coach Federation, and International Speaker. He’s spoken at TEDx, blogged for The Huffington Post,  been a finalist for ‘Coach of the Year’ at the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers, and Consultants, been awarded the prestigious ‘Expert Coach of Excellence’ accreditation and been a finalist for  ‘Best Business Enabler’ at The National Entrepreneur Awards two years in a row (2021-2022).