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Best Astrology Apps of 2024



Best Overall: Astrology Zone

“Premium subscribers receive more detailed, daily readings, with a fuller horoscope released each Sunday to set the tone for the week.”

Most Talked-About: Co–Star

“The pithy counsel in Co–Star’s “Day at a Glance” view has gone viral for its frank, fortune-cookie-esque daily tidbits.”

Best for Relationships: The Pattern

“You can run relationship analysis for people not in the app, too, by entering information about a friend, crush, or a romantic partner.”

Best for Newbies: Time Passages

“Time Passages offers services like a compatibility meter, which helps you navigate potential romantic and business relationships.”

Most Interactive: Sanctuary

“The astrologer interacts with you entirely via chat, with the option to delve deeper into one area of your life.”

Best for Learning: Time Nomad

“If you’re a visual learner, you will appreciate Time Nomad’s heptagrams, which illustrate planetary movement for a particular location.”

Most Basic: Daily Horoscope

“View Chinese, zodiac, and druid horoscopes, or check compatibility between two signs.”

Best for Specific Inquiries: Chaturanga Astrology

“You get one free question for Chaturanga’s on-call astrologers: business advice, romantic guidance, friendship questions, and more.”

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