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America’s tech industry cannot survive without Indians: SVC Chamber of Commerce CEO



America’s tech industry cannot survive without Indians: SVC Chamber of Commerce CEO

Santa Clara: Indians are one of the largest leaders of innovation in Silicon Valley and America’s tech industry cannot survive without them, the CEO of the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce has said.

“I don’t have the new figures, but what matters is that we (Indians) are such impactful contributors,” Harbir K Bhatia told PTI in an interview.

“India(ans) are one of the largest leaders of innovation in Silicon Valley. At one point, … the data was collected (according to which) 40 per cent of Silicon Valley CEOs or founders were from South Asia or India. That is so huge,” she said.

Located in Santa Clara, the hub of Silicon Valley, the Chamber of Commerce is made up of a group of visionary business leaders from multiple cities that help grow and shape the future of Silicon Valley.

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“Here you get to bring your whole self to work and have the opportunity to be creative, to be all that you want to be without the worry of your colour, of your skin, the religion you practice, the cast, the culture, anything,” she said.

Bhatia said Indians are heading all the major corporations like Google, YouTube, Google Foundation and Microsoft “They’re either at the CXO (Chief Experience Officer) level or they’re the CEOs. That doesn’t happen by chance,” she said. Bhatia said Indians bring some of the best values like hard work and productivity to the work.

“I can tell you this, if you get a 98 per cent in school, your mom and papa will always tell you, but why didn’t you get a hundred per cent? That’s our culture. That’s who we are. It’s never enough, and that craving and that aspiration is what separates us (from others),’ Bhatia said.

“I’m not saying other ethnicities don’t believe this way, but as being one of the largest populations on the planet, this is something that is part and parcel of who we are…,” she said.

Praising the Indian jugaad’, a frugal and flexible approach to problem-solving, she said: “If there’s a problem, put a desi on it, you’ll find a solution.

When asked about the relationship that Silicon Valley has with India, she said India has played a key role in its success.

“Well, there are many relationships. Let’s talk about the basics. The basics are the majority of outsourcing is still done in India. The tech industry is able to thrive in the United States because they can do the three-to-one model, which is the one employee in America costs three employees in India,” Bhatia said.

“I mean, let’s be real about that. Who’s running all the operations? Who’s keeping all the lights on? It is our forces, our community that is in part and parcel and bread and butter of every tech company in some way. They cannot survive without us,” she said.

America brings some of the brightest minds from India, she said.

“There’s a reason why they keep trying to cap the visas because they know we’re so well that they just have to put a limit. Otherwise, we could take up all the jobs,” she said.

She said Indians can thrive in any profession be it tech, farming or healthcare.

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