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5 Chinese zodiac signs that ought to be lucky by the end of the weekend



According to Chinese astrology, this week’s horoscope from February 26- March 3, 2024, has a potent feel of luck for these 5 Chinese zodiac signs. If you pay attention to signs and follow your gut feelings, you could be in amazing places and situations.

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Rooster (1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017)

This week, Rooster, your fortune is closely linked to your psychic abilities or strong intuition. You have this inner radar guiding you towards opportunities and blessings. So, keep your senses sharp and be open to the subtle signs and nudges from the universe. They’re like breadcrumbs leading you towards your luck, perhaps even more.

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If you feel a pull towards it, consider starting your day with a simple breathing exercise followed by meditation. This practice can help you tune into those inner nudges and insights, allowing you to align yourself with the flow of luck and abundance. Plus, it’ll boost your intuition, which can be a powerful ally in navigating life’s twists and turns, even If you’re unaware of it. Trust in your inner guidance, Rooster, and let it lead you to your destiny.

Tiger (1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022)

Tiger, don’t worry. Even though it might sound strange to call it “toxic luck,” it’s good news for you this week. It means that your luck is turning against those who have hurt you in the past. It’s like karma is on your side, bringing fairness to your life. As the week goes on, you’ll see things working out in your favour.

If you want, you can wear a Tiger’s Eye or Red Jasper necklace. These stones can help you feel strong and steady. Remember, Tigers are good at being clever and careful. Trust yourself to handle this lucky time well.

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Snake (1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013)

Get ready for a week that feels like you’ve stepped into a fantasy tale straight out of an Xianxia drama. Your luck is set to bring about extraordinary experiences, much like the characters in those epic stories. This time, though, the magic will come from the practice of cultivating energy while sitting quietly with your eyes closed.

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So, be sure to carve out some time for meditation this week. Not only will it help you tap into new ideas, inspiration, and talents, but it might also lead you to unexpected riches! Take this opportunity to brainstorm a business idea that not only brings you wealth but also leaves a lasting impact. It’s time to dream big and create a legacy that will stand the test of time.

Dragon (1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024)

Dragon, get ready to unleash your power this week because your luck is coming straight from within you. Don’t doubt yourself for a second. Others might label you as arrogant or overly confident, but they’ll soon see that you’re simply unstoppable. You’ll achieve victory in whatever area of life you focus on.

However, it’s important to stay grounded amidst your success. Incorporate some grounding practices into your routine this week. This will help you stay level-headed and focused, allowing you to reach even greater heights without getting caught up in trivial conflicts or wasting energy on doubters. Keep your eyes on the prize, Dragon, and let your inner strength guide you to success.

Pig (1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019)

Pig, sometimes luck doesn’t come crashing into our lives like a blazing sun. Instead, it whispers to us in the quiet of the night, revealing truths we may have been blind to. These truths can be hard to swallow at first, like realizing someone you trusted was never really a friend, or discovering you’ve been manipulated or groomed.

But here’s the thing: knowing these truths empowers you to protect yourself and turn the situation in your favor. That’s the kind of luck headed your way this week. So, hold your head high and stay resilient. This blessing may require inner strength to navigate, but it will ultimately change the course of your life for the better. Trust in yourself, Pig, and you’ll emerge stronger on the other side.

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