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5 Best Medium Volatility Slots Online



The best medium volatility slots will give you a nice chance to win cash. Such slots come with an above-average return to player (RTP), same as low volatility games. At the same time, they also come with a high jackpot/maximum win, same as high volatility slots.

What this basically means is that medium volatility slots fall somewhere in-between those other two types of games, taking the best of both worlds. Now that you know what you should play these sorts of slots, it’s time to learn which specific games you should give a try.

Freaks of Folklore

  • Software: Dragon Gaming
  • Reels & Rows: 5×3
  • RTP: 96.94%
  • Maximum Win: 500x
  • Date of Release: March 25, 2024

In the spring of 2024, Dragon Gaming released a 5-reel 3-row slot with medium volatility, an RTP of just under 97%, and a maximum win of 500 times your bet. This game provides you with a great chance to win nice cash, but that’s not the only good thing about it.

Freaks of Folklore is one of the best medium volatility slots also for the fact that it’s fun to play. Inspired by scary folk tales, this slot has some creepy images on its reels including symbols like Demon Goat, Berserker Bunny, Cursed Cupid, and Jack O’Latern.

Freaks of Folklore by Dragon Gaming

There’s also an image of a Ouija board which serves as this game’s wild symbol, while its bonus symbol is represented by a book of spells.

Not eerie enough for you? In that case, you should check out our list of the best Halloween slots. We picked out four such games, some of which you can find at DuckyLuck Casino, along with Freaks of Folklore.

To learn more about the types of games awaiting you on this gambling site, you should also give our DuckyLuck review. Or just head over there straight away to see it for yourself!



  • Software: Betsoft
  • Reels & Rows: 6×4
  • RTP: 95.38%
  • Maximum Win: 2,067x
  • Date of Release: November 20, 2018

If Freaks of Folklore is too freaky for you, I’ve got some medium volatility slot machines to recommend that are guaranteed to brighten the mood. One such game is ChilliPop by Betsoft. This is a colorful comedy 6×4 slot with quirky symbols inspired by Mexican culture.

It uses cascading reels mechanics and comes with plenty of interesting features that are meant to enhance your experience. Plus, ChilliPop also has Mariachi music playing in the background.

As if all this wasn’t enough to make you wanna play this slot, you should also know that it has an RTP of 95.38% and a top win of 2,067x. All this makes it one of the best medium volatility online slots in my opinion.

If you would like to give ChilliPop a try, you can do it at a variety of top-rated online casinos. Still, my recommendation is to play it at SlotsandCasino, which is where an interesting 500% up to $7,500 welcome bonus is waiting for you.

For all the other reasons to play ChilliPop on this gambling platform, why not have a peek at our SlotsandCasino review?

Gorgon’s Stash

Gorgon's Stash

  • Software: WinGo
  • Reels & Rows: 6×5
  • RTP: 97.17%
  • Maximum Win: 500x
  • Date of Release: February 2024

While Freaks of Folklore and ChilliPop are relatively easily found at US-friendly gambling sites, Gorgon’s Stash is available only at a few select online casinos. One of those is Bovada, which is the home of many other medium volatility slot games.

The reason I think you should give Gorgon’s Stash an advantage over other Bovada slots is that it’s incredibly fun to play. This game uses a 6×5 grid with cascading reels and exploding symbols.

Speaking of symbols, all of them are inspired by the Greek myth of Medusa Gorgon, a creature with a woman’s face and snakes for hair. It sounds scary, but WinGo’s Gorgon will not turn you into stone.

Actually, this game is just the opposite of scary, especially given that it can make you rich. This is one of the best medium volatility slots online for those who are after easy wins. It has an RTP of 97.17% and a max. win of 500x.

As I’ve already mentioned, Gorgon’s Stash is a slot you can play at Bovada. As this is one of the best gambling sites in the world – as confirmed by our Bovada review – there’s nothing stopping you from going there to play this slot.

Pierre’s Patisserie

Pierre's Patisserie by Arrow's Edge

  • Software: Arrow’s Edge
  • Reels & Rows: 5×3
  • RTP: 96.00%
  • Maximum Win: Progressive Jackpot
  • Date of Release: July 28, 2017

In my opinion, Pierre’s Patisserie is one of the best medium volatility slots ever created by Arrow’s Edge. I’m not alone in thinking this – this 5×3 slot is listed as one of the featured games at Drake Casino.

And you can trust this online casino! To see why this is one of the most reliable gambling sites in the world today, make sure to check out our Drake Casino review.

But let’s get back to the story of Pierre’s Patisserie. As you can imagine, this game is inspired by a French bakery, with croissants, donuts, crepes, and all sorts of other sweets found on its reels.

The slot has wild symbols, scatters, bonuses, free spins, and other interesting features. Apart from being fun to play, Pierre’s Patisserie also comes with great money-making potential given that it has an RTP of 96%. On top of that, it has a progressive jackpot that keeps growing until someone wins it.

For all these reasons, there really is no need to waste any more time. Head over to Drake Casino and give Pierre’s Patisserie a try!

Jurassic Kingdom

Jurassic Kingdom

  • Software: PSG Soft
  • Reels & Rows: 6×6
  • RTP: 96.72%
  • Maximum Win: 100,000x
  • Date of Release: September 2, 2021

If you’re wondering why Jurassic Kingdom has made it onto my list of the best online medium variance slot games, the main reason is that its top win is 100,000x your stake. Plus, the slot has an above-average RTP of 96.72%.

It’s also fun to play, especially if you’re into dinosaurs as creatures like T-Rex and Diplodocus are found on its reels. Even if you’re not too crazy about the giant lizards that roamed the Earth some 250 million years ago, I’m sure you’ll still love this game.

In case you’re wondering why this slot isn’t higher on my list, it’s because you need to do some digging in order to find it online. The thing is that PG Soft (Pocket Games Soft) slots are found in the game libraries of only a couple of US-friendly casinos.

One of those is TrustDice, which I recommend wholeheartedly. My colleagues agree with me as you’ll find out if you read their TrustDice review.

And if you believe us that this is a fantastic gambling site, head over there now and play Jurassic Kingdom!

Playing the Best Medium Volatility Slots

Freaks of Folklore is my favorite slot with medium volatility, but you may disagree with me. I love its scary theme, but you might prefer some of the other games from my list of the best medium volatility slots.

Looking for funny slots with cute symbols, go with ChilliPop or Pierre’s Patisserie. If you’re a history buff, Gorgon’s Stash could be your ideal choice. And if you’re into dinosaurs, play Jurassic Kingdom. I’m certain that whichever you choose, you’re going to love it!

Now that you know all about medium volatility slots, you might wanna learn about high volatility slot machines. They’re more volatile games, but they’re also a ton of fun and offer more upside.

Of course, if you want the most bang for your buck, you may want to simply turn to the slots with the best RTP. The following post details some of the best you’ll find online.

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