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143 countries snub US to vote in favour of Palestine at United Nations



In a major snub to the US support to Israel amid ongoing Gaza war, 143 countries voted in favor of a United Nations( UN) resolution to grant additional rights to Palestinians. In the vote at the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, nine countries voted against the resolution, including the US and Israel, while 25 countries abstained.

The results of a vote on a resolution for the UN Security Council to reconsider and support the full membership of Palestine into the United Nations is displayed during a special session of the UN General Assembly, at UN headquarters in New York City (AFP)

Before the vote for the resolution on Friday, the US had urged other member states to vote against it. “It will not end the fighting in Gaza or provide food, medicine and shelter to civilians in Gaza — that is where US efforts are focused,” US mission to the UN spokesperson Nate Evans said in a statement.

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The resolution aims to allow Palestinians to submit their own resolutions and fully participate in UN and international conferences.

Palestine has held observer-state status at the UN since 2012. However, they are trying to become a full member of the world body.

Under Friday’s resolution at the UN, the measure also recommended the Security Council to accept Palestine’s full-membership at the United Nations. Notably, the US had blocked such a move last month.

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The US also has a long-standing policy of supporting Palestinian statehood only through direct negotiations with Israel. It has voted against earlier membership-related moves by the Palestinians at the UN, reported news agency Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas hailed the vote in favour of Palestinian rights. Abbas said “This overwhelming vote in favor of Palestine confirms that the world stands with the freedom and rights of the Palestinian people and rejects the Israeli occupation of our land and people,”

Strain in relations between Israel and US

Over Israel’s decision to launch an offensive in the Rafah region of the Gaza strip, US President Joe Biden has threatened to stop supplying some weapons to its ally. However, the US has promised to continue supply of defensive weapons to Israel.

Recently, Biden expressed concern over the civilian killings in Gaza due to Israel’s ongoing offensive.

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