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10 best Thanksgiving movies to watch with your family

For those who celebrate it, Thanksgiving is a busy affair – between catching up with relatives, making sure the stuffing isn’t burning and attempting to purchase a last-minute pie, the day often goes by in a flash – and yet, there’s always time to fill.

Perhaps you’re done watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Maybe the Westminster Dog Show – a Thanksgiving Day staple – hasn’t started yet. Or perhaps dinner is over and everyone wants to congregate in front of the TV and digest peacefully.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the 10 best Thanksgiving films to watch with your loved ones before, during or after the celebrations.

Some contain famous Thanksgiving scenes or references, while others are just heartwarming, family-friendly flicks.

Click through the gallery below to browse our 10 top picks:

You can read our explainer to understand the cultural and historical meaning behind the holiday, which falls this Thursday.

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