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There is no denying that gambling is a fun and exciting pastime, and with it being easier than ever to download a gambling app or visit a casino, more people than ever are partaking. Whilst this is great news, it does carry risks with it. As the popularity of gambling grows, so does the number of people who want to take advantage of players, either through rigging games or committing fraudulent activity. Luckily, we’re here to talk you through the ways to ensure that a gambling site (online or physical) is safe.

Safer gambling has been on everyone’s lips lately, after a scandal at the Legends Poker Room in Houston, Texas, rocked the local betting community. A dealer was accused of rigging a deck during a game, and although no further action has been taken, it was enough for many to question just how fair some games are, and how safe they are whilst gambling. The news came thanks to a video that began circulating not long after the infamous game. In the clips shared, the dealer seemed to be improperly shuffling a deck and then placing some of the cards in a particular order on the table. Despite no confirmation as to whether or not these unusual actions were deliberate, they have added fuel to the rumors that already surround Legends Poker Room.

For those who want to take extra measures to ensure their safety when placing a bet, a new option has opened up in recent years that can guarantee this: Pay N Play licensed online casinos. These sites offer a secure connection between your bank and the casino, allowing for near-instant withdrawals and deposits. Regardless of the payment methods accepted, a surefire way to tell if an online casino can be trusted is to check if it has an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. This is considered a badge of honor, letting the user know that the website keeps data secure, verifying site ownership, and stopping hackers from replicating the site. If the casino does not have this certification, the odds of fraud occurring are much higher.

In addition to looking for relevant credentials, checking user reviews is another must before playing at an online casino. Not only does this allow potential customers to see if they’ll enjoy the games, but it also serves as verification that the casino is legitimate and has happy and regular players. It goes without saying that if any reviews mention rigging or unfair gaming, the risk is not worth taking. It is also worth mentioning that if multiple reviews are complaining about the lack of customer service or the inability to contact the casino provider, these should be taken as warning signs. It’s best to choose an online casino that values its users, and where, in the event that any suspicious activity takes place, there will be somebody on hand immediately to help.

This next trick may seem obvious, but is something that many people overlook. After choosing an online casino, but before signing up to the site or app, double-check that the provider has clearly stated and readily available terms and conditions. The T&Cs should have thorough policies on things like bonuses, deposits, and withdrawals, and how to unsubscribe from the site.

These tips are relevant no matter what kind of online gambling is taking place – be it crypto casinos or online sportsbooks. To conclude, protecting personal and financial details online is paramount, and any reputable online casino should have extensive safety measures in place to protect the privacy of its customer base. This allows users to relax and play all of their favorite games without having to worry, knowing that their identity and money are protected.

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